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Skills Upgrading Courses

A variety of skills upgrading options are available at the welding shop. These courses can be combined or modified to suit individual requirements.


Red Seal Practical Pre-Testing Weld Assessments

A practical review of the welding assessments required as part of the Red Seal Examination process.

Includes instruction, practice, all consumables and test module.  May choose all units or select those required from list below:

  • T.S.S.A. 3-G F3/F4 O/R plate
  • C.W.B. check test SMAW plate
  • T.S.S.A. 1-G GMAW O/R plate
  • T.S.S.A. 2-G GTAW O/R plate
  • C.W.B. check test FCAW plate
  • Oxy-fuel cutting

GTAW PIPE – STAINLESS STEEL (5 weeks – 125 hours)

Stainless steel open root GTAW, stainless steel GTAW, fills and caps.  Includes TSSA ticket test. 

GENERAL WELDING SKILLS TRAINING/TEST(CWB) – one process (5 weeks – 100 hours)

Following processes are available:

  • GMAW flat (mig) – 3/8” thick plate
  • SMAW flat (stick) – 3/8” thick plate
  • GTAW flat (tig) – light and heavy steel, test on steel, aluminum available
  • FCAW flat (fluxcore) 3/8” thick plate

CWB combination programs (10 weeks – 200 hours)

Previous welding experience preferred, includes 2 CWB ticket tests. Examples of programs available are:

  • All position SMAW (stick)
  • All position GMAW (mig)
  • 50% GMAW, 50% SMAW

CWB and TSSA Ticket Testing – Priced per plate or pipe.

Welding practice time available at shop and priced hourly. Instruction not included.  TSSA testing is ongoing (appointment required) and CWB testing is available on scheduled dates.


Information on CWB and/or TSSA test dates, tuition and available start dates may be directed to
These programs do not require approval under the Ontario Career Colleges Act. 2005.

Corporate Training

Our instructors will develop a training program for your company based on your requirements, products and services.

Programs include:

  • General welding or pipe welding skills training/upgrading
  • Testing (CWB and/or TSSA)
  • Blueprint reading and welding theory
  • Flexible training hours
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